Palm Sunday venues


Polar bears


scanning darkly 



It only took 12 years and ten trips to finally make it here…


Retratos: fotografias de la coleccion de mapfre. At the museo de la ciudad.  Curated by Carlos Gollonet. 

Some time with some old friends. Winogrand, Model, Levitt, Friedlander, Garcia Rodeo, Arbus, Callahan, Strand …
Some new faces too…

flashback: 2 nov 2003

Twelve years ago (yesterday), it was my first time to Mexico and the first time traveled to a cultural festival. Even the first time traveling w kachung.I captured this image. This is the one that got me hooked.

Since I’ve been to Mexico for day of the dead seven times. Internationally for countless more.

It just to show how a moment can redirect an entire life.

On a previous trip I tried to find it again. But it seems that I mislabeled the town I was in. Two years ago I thought I saw it from a collectivo I was on. 
Yesterday, I reencountered the same grave. The cemetery has grown, three more rows of graves are further behind. I sat and talked to the family members around — none of which are pictured. The ones there recounted some stories. But didn’t want a copy of the image.

It wasn’t that much to them; but it has meant a lot to me.



so it begins


Randomness of staying in a small town 

film fest

I probably could have arrived a few days later.  But I flew 3500km to Mexico, and got to the movie theater at 10am to watch a 4 hour long, 50 year old British movie about Russia. 

I had been to the film fest two years ago and had a good time sampling picks.  

This year is la calle de amargura (local Mexican), our little sister (Japanese), the program (that lance Armstrong movie) and doctor zhivago (the david lean classic).